Software Engineer


Nov, 2020 -

  • Unified AWS Lambda deployment pipeline with rest of KT infrastructure using custom K8s controller, vastly improving developer productivity
  • Mentored and onboarded new hires on the IoT team; allowing them to hit the ground running and contribute immediately!
  • Significantly reduced IoT toil and embedded developer workflow and tooling, resulting in much faster release cycles
Golang Ruby/Rails Kubernetes AWS Bazel Nix

Software Engineer


Jul, 2019 - Oct, 2020

  • Reduced developer time spent by 75% by replacing custom health checking application with several manual steps with Prometheus using Kubernetes service discovery.
  • Outlined and implemented best logging/tracing practices for the team leading to improved bug resolution times.
  • Lead initiative to implement distributed tracing significantly improving observability when dealing with complex multi-service bugs
Golang Docker Kubernetes AWS

Software Engineer


Sep, 2017 - Aug, 2018

  • Added end-to-end tests using Cypress to Angular dashboard to catch regressions during critical user paths
  • Upgraded various parts of CI pipeline to ultimately reduce build times by 50%
  • Improved/implemented many new features of graph visualizations, including closest neighbors highlighting and various filters
  • Built a critical chrome extension used daily by the sales team for prospecting
Angular TypeScript Golang Cirlcle CI Docker D3 React Cypress AWS



The bot that landed me my job at Ravelin! It's automatically able to apply to job listings using personalized cover letter based on keywords from the job description.

Source Python Selenium XPath NLP

Improved UBC Transcript

Bookmarklet that enhances and beautifies the unofficial UBC transcript, it gets about 450 hits per month and is included as a sidebar resource on the r/UBC subreddit!

Write-up Source Python Flask TypeScript MongoDB AWS Lambda

Alphabet Match

Memory matching game built to help adults learn English letters and their associated sounds. Made with love for my grandmother!

Demo Source React TypeScript

Sudoku Solver

A Sudoku Solver that uses the constraint propagation technique to efficiently solve puzzles.

Demo Source C# ASP.net React Azure


Slack-bot to quickly scan all available openings at football pitches using the MyLocalPitch API and help arrange soccer scrimmages through Slack

Source Go Slack Heroku