Explore Review Comments With Github API

Explore Review Comments With Github API (INCOMPLETE)


Recently I noticed many of the same comments from PR reviewers on the PRs throughout the codebase.
Often simple fixes related to our own coding standards/style that newer employees aren’t yet aware of or haven’t internalized yet.

I had recently been reading a Fatih Arslan article about building a custom linter and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to build a custom linter that encodes the linting rules specific to our team.
But before I do that, I wanted to ensure that I was actually fulfilling a need and not just building an additional tool that would never be used. It would also allow me to make a stronger case, if I were to attempt to incorporate the custom linter into the continuous integration pipeline.

Github API



We host our code on Github and do PR reviews there, so I can make use of the Github List Review Comments In A Repo endpoint, they even provide a nice API client Octokit:

    owner: "<COMPANY_ORG>",
    repo: "<REPO>",
    sort: "created",
    direction: "desc",
    per_page: 100,
    .then(({ data }) => {
        for (const d of data) {
            // Pull out only the information I care about
            const c: Comment = {
                body: d.body, // What the actual comment says
                author: d.user.login, // The commentor login
                created_at: new Date(d.created_at),
                reply: true ? d.in_reply_to_id != null : false, // Is it reply to another comment
    }).catch(e => console.error(e));