Goals and systems for this year


After reading Atomic Habits, I felt inspired to jot down my plans and habits that I want to cultivate this year.
One of the basic tenets of the book is that you should focus on the SYSTEMS (habits) required to reach your eventual long term goal and execute and focus on that day by day instead of the end goal.
These “systems” should be realizable, specific and measurable so that there’s no ambig

For me the year really starts in September, as the education system has warped how I see the year’s progression; Summer is a time for rest and rejuvenation and Fall is the time to make plans that you’ll wish you didn’t commit to come Winter time. As you can see, my schedule is simply shifted approximately half a year from the rest of the world. I make my New Year’s resolutions in September.

Become Part of the Running Community

I recently moved into a studio apartment in East Vancouver; which means that I am paying an outrageous amount in rent.
Thus it’s a necessity that I make the most of it. I’m honestly not abundantly clear what that means to ME, YET, but for now I think a worthy goal is to go to as many running clubs/groups/events as I can. Especially if they are located near me; most of them are.

Participate in the East Vancouver Running Club Runs on Monday’s at 6:30PM

Participate in the Central Park Park Run Saturday’s at 9AM

Bonus Volunteer At-Least Once a Month

Bonus Participate in the Icecream & Donut Park Run

Bonus Stay After the Run To Mingle

I noticed that I have a tendency to leave right after the run because I’m afraid of the possible uncomfortable-ness that MIGHT follow.
This bad habit is starting to feel like a crutch, social speaking. I always seem to come up with some kind of excuse for why I should leave right after the run;

  • I need to grab grocercies
  • I intentionally book climbing sessions right after the run
  • etc…

I have to start forcing myself to stay, otherwise I won’t ever become close friends with anyone else there.


Developing A Personal Brand??

How Good Can I Be At Climbing?

My concrete goal would be to be able to project Hex 4’s at the Hive consistently and maybe even complete an odd Hex 5.
The plan overall is just to climb more but without getting injured. Which is honestly a difficult feat because basically I have to avoid consecutive days of climbing; Hard to do on weekends.

Climb 3-4 Times a Week

Hangboard 1-2 Times a Week

Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy hangboarding more than I like climbing? It sounds stupid but I think the tangible progress is more satisfying… Anyway I’m going to gradually add some hangboarding sessions to build up the finger strength as I keep better hopefully.
I don’t want to be stupid and hangboard more than 2 times a week but they are hard to recover from and it will cut into my time to actually get better at climbing.

Climb Outdoors Before The Season Ends!

Will I Ever Learn To Dance?

Go To 1 WCS Social A Week


Intermittent Fast 18-6 Protocol Daily

Bonus 24 Hour Fast Once A Week?

Strength Training

Powerlift 2x A Week