Software Engineer


Sep, 2017 - Aug, 2018

Angular TypeScript Golang Cirlcle CI Docker D3 React

Engineering Co-op Student

Andritz Ltd

May, 2016 - Dec, 2016

Python SQLite VBA SAP Excel

Data Analyst

Canadian Logistics

Dec, 2015 - Sep, 2016

Python VBA Excel



The bot that landed me my job at Ravelin! It's automatically able to apply to job listings using personalized cover letter based on keywords from the job description.

Source Python Selenium XPath NLP

Improved UBC Transcript

Bookmarklet that enhances and beautifies the unofficial UBC transcript, it gets about 450 hits per month and is included as a sidebar resource on the r/UBC subreddit!

Write-up Source Python Flask TypeScript MongoDB

Sudoku Solver

A Sudoku Solver that uses the constraint propagation technique to efficiently solve puzzles.

Source C# ASP.net React Azure

Crank Arm Motion Tracking

Using motion capture and circle fitting to validate capstone project's sensor readings

Source OpenCV numpy pandas scipy

Cell Sorting Research Project

Building an automated pipeline to cluster cells using features embedded in hidden layers of DCNN

Source OpenCV pandas scikit-learn C#/.NET

Blob Combat Simulation

Combat simulation where 'blobs' evolve over time using neural networks and genetic algorithms. Includes fast-forward button to significantly reduce training time.

Source C++ SFML QtCreator Eigen


Slack-bot to quickly scan all available openings at football pitches using the MyLocalPitch API and help arrange soccer scrimmages through Slack

Source Go Slack Heroku