Water Jet Propelled Vehicle - Engineering Design Project

Below are pictures of our waterjet propelled RC car inspired by Garfield.

Two unique features of our vehicle are:

  • A valve control mechanism that allowed us to control the amount of water ejected from our nozzle, thus giving us greater control over our speed
  • Ackermann steering geometry that reduced the amount our tires would slip during turning.

These two features ended up being a huge boon since many of the other groups cars had trouble skidding on the slippery track.

Our team scored very well and came 1st out of 20 teams primarily due to our vehicle superior mobility and through accurate predictions (Better predictions of your vehicle performance are worth points, to demonstrate that proper testing and research was conducted).

My main responsibilities on this project was developing the MATLAB simulation used to predict our performance, building a modular foam chassis (That other sub-teams could easily attach there parts to), and developing and implementing the steering mechanism.