UBC Baja SAE Engineering Design Team

UBC Baja is a student-run engineering design team focused on designing, building and racing an off-road vehicle. As a member, I got hands on experience with several different facets of the design process. Here are some of my note worthy projects:
  • Conducted failure analysis on rear half-shafts of our vehicle which were twisting due high torsion forces during deceleration. I was able to increase the yield strength by 2x at little cost because I acquired a sponsership from Golden Gear worth $400 to spline our new half-shafts for free a couple of beers!
  • I developed a CAD model of our custom Polaris Gearbox using SolidWorks that allows us to play around with different drive-train packaging ideas (How we arrange drive train components).
  • During my first year on the team, I did a lot of miscellaneous machining tasks based off engineering drawings. One of my biggest machining jobs was to turn dozens of suspension inserts on the lathe